Binalot Mukbang

Salamat Ms. Charm Concepcion sa pag feature ng Binalot Pinoy-vorites sa iyong Mukbang video!

It’s more fun in the Philippines!

As a kid, you may have found museums to be boring and stuffy, but they are anything but when you pair the right type of museum to the right personality. These days, museums come in many forms that range from the traditional, don’t-touch-the-art type to the playful, touch-all-the-art kind. While some may balk at some of today’s museum concepts, this spot remains to be defined as a place where objects of interest or value are displayed, and interest or value is very much relative. At the end of the day, a museum houses art, culture, and history, and more importantly, brings together people.

If you’re looking for interactive and playful museums, here are 10 places that will bring out your inner kid:

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