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Donate your FREE Extra Rice Campaign

From the “Donate Your Free Extra Rice Campaign”, we were able to provide meals to the frontliners of the SM City Sucat Vaccination Center! Just by donating the free extra rice with your Binalot orders, you’re able to help frontliners who are continuously serving Filipinos. Donate your extra rice today!

Binalot celebrates the kindness of Filipinos during pandemic

by 2nd Opinion May 13, 2021

This pandemic has dragged on to its second year and unfortunately, we do not see an end to it very soon. The Philippine economy has suffered its worst contraction in history. Of course, it is not just the Philippines but pretty much the rest of the world that is reeling from its negative impact. So many companies have closed down and those who stayed behind have contracted operations. Numerous jobs have been lost. But one good thing has emerged from this devastating crisis, this is the innate kindness of Filipinos. The community pantry is an example of this.

From the very beginning of the pandemic, there have been many efforts by Filipinos from all walks of life to help out their fellowmen. This has recently become even more apparent with the introduction of community pantries in many parts of the country. This most recent charitable effort emphasizes that people may give what they can and take only what they need.

For its part, Binalot has mobilized its own effort since the start of the pandemic by launching its BAYANI program. This program accepts donations from people who want to help and use these to send food to medical frontliners who are the most exposed to the virus.

Cristina Martinez, Binalot’s Marketing Manager says that this way, Binalot celebrates the Filipino Bayanihan spirit. “We wish to highlight the ordinary people who have contributed to feed and support the frontliners, people like husband and wife corporate executives Brian and Judy Medina, and even culinary instructor Chef Alvin Magpantay. Even Filipinos who live abroad chipped in such as IT executive Edwin Mance who sent his assistance all the way from Munich, Germany, Jayjay Veloso from Canada  and pharma executive Jay Garcia with wife Michelle who’s a registered nurse based in San Mateo, California. At the local front, Japanese automotive executive Susumu Myokan went out of his way to contribute and support. The list goes on and on”.

She adds that well-meaning corporations such as Nissan Philippines and the Lucio Tan Group of Companies, and organizations like Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines and Viccoap have supported it.

“We just wish to celebrate the kindness and generosity of the Filipinos and our tendency to help each other during conflict and crisis. And now that there is finally what we hope to be an end in sight for this pandemic with the steady arrival of Covid 19 vaccines, Binalot is now targeting to send food to the vaccination center volunteers to help speed up the end of the pandemic. In this, we need your help”. 

Binalot pivots to residential, community-based “Cloud Franchises” amid pandemic

By 2nd Opinion April 20, 2021

Filipino fast food chain Binalot has never been shy in introducing new and innovative concepts in the food industry. And this time, amid this pandemic that saw the dramatic increase in food delivery, welcome “cloud franchises”.

From being the first truly Filipino fast food franchise when it started in 1996 to becoming the poster child for SME CSR when it set up its DAHON program in 2006, Binalot has always had the pioneering spirit.

Judee Morente, Operations Manager of Binalot says that since the start of this pandemic, Binalot has never stopped its operations. “We focused on how to keep our employees busy and more importantly, keep them employed. Binalot came up with the Bayani (Biyaya at Yaman Alay Natin sa Inang Bayan) program which enabled good-hearted individuals to donate food for both our medical and non-medical frontliners”.

“Truly, this pandemic has affected the food industry worldwide. And Binalot was not spared. Sales decreased to less than half as people stayed home, they stayed away from the malls and office spaces and factories became vacant. Thus, most of our current sales are in the form of delivery sales”. 

But the pandemic stretched on, with a second round of enhanced community quarantine in place in Metro Manila and surrounding provinces. And with almost no end in sight, Binalot has decided to pivot to a new business model. 

Introducing the Binalot home kitchen-based franchise or Binalot Cloud Kitchen for short. Morente explains that now, you no longer need to find a space in a commercial area to open your own Binalot franchise. “With our cloud franchise, you can simply open one at your own home. All we require you to have is your kitchen and a dedicated refrigerator and freezer for the Binalot stocks. Binalot will train you and your staff on operations, food handling, marketing, human resources and will even set up your delivery system. Food service is going to be fast, convenient and affordable because of reduced overhead costs”. 

Binalot CEO Rommel Juan says that with more people working from home nowadays, residential area food deliveries are up. “We and our prospective franchisees aim to target this new, rapidly-growing segment by focusing on residential area cloud franchises. And with our Binalot Cloud Kitchen, you can do it from the comfort of your home kitchen”.

“At Binalot, we try to see the opportunity in every crisis. Problems are seen as challenges that need to be addressed. There is a need and we provide an opportunity to fill this need. So now we want to give this opportunity to offer Binalot to cloud franchisees to serve their own residential areas and have a profitable business for themselves”.

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Binalot Story

By: Jerry Jao

I was a new a graduate around 20 years ago... I was fired and I was looking for a job...pero natagalan ako s apaghahanap so I opted to do networking, insurance a real estate salesman... so to make the story short, All around salesman parang electrolux man. Everyday I would be going around Ortigas for seminars client meeting etc, etc. But due to limited money, I think 200 lang dala ko kada araw kasama na dun ang transpo and I have to be in ortigas by 9am until sometime 4am the next day..lam mo na trabahong networker after 6pm ang client. So with limited money in my pocket araw araw I would go either Robinson's Galleria or Sharilla Fast Food area to take my lunch & dinner, at ang palaging order ko yung Adobo Rice with Egg kasi yun lang ang budget ko and afford ko. There are times na palapit pa lang ako sa cashier pinupunch na order ka kasi alam na nila yun ang oorderin ko nanaman. Minsan tinanong ako bakit yun lagi order ko so I just answered "Yan kasi paborito ko"...(well, partly true) and di ko masabi na yan lang kasi kaya ko (during that time P25 lang yan). There are times ma may kasama akong fellow networker na kaya lang sumasabay sa akin para makalibre ng lunch and I would buy 2 packs nyan ang kakain kami at minsan nagsabi din sya sa akin yun lang daw nililibre ko sa kanya puro Adobo Rice with Egg lang...(Kainis ng nagpalibre lang nagreklamo pa...) If you know Ismael Abaya o Bart Abaya...I was dealing with hin na din during that time. And During that Time nababasa na kita sa Entrepreneur Magazine but di pa tayo personally magkakilala. I was so inspired about your story and the story of where the adobo Rice came from that after a few years I decided to go to business and Invited my friends to start lunch delivery services in Binondo gaya ng ginawa nyo. I tried not to get commercial space kasi napakamahal and I could not afford it. We called it Sa Kusina ni Mang Tabby... literal yun kusina lang meron kami at wala nang iba no dine in no nothing. And Tabby is what my family calls me kasi tumataba na ako during that time. Sad to say, to business last only 1 and a half year. and wit this I loss my friends who became my partner. Hangang nang makilala kita sa PMA... Until now i can't forget how your story and your brand have been part of my struggling years. And how your story inspired me to become an entrepreneur.