Binalot sizzling Lent meals

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A QUICK glance at the calendar, the scorching heat and sweat flowing down your brow. It’s these tell tale signs that say summer is already here. And with summer comes the Holy Week break. Pinoys voluntarily retreat into reflection, prayer and fasting during the observance of this important religious holiday. For some, abstinence is reflected by avoiding meat, and anything from pork to beef is automatically taken away from the menu on Fridays leading to Easter Sunday.

Binalot’s Bangus Barbecue is your favorite bangus now grilled to perfection to achieve the ideal grill marks. Served in a warm sizzling plate, the bangus pieces are smothered in rich Pinoy style barbecue sauce served with steaming white rice. Binalot Bangus Sisig is a reinvention of a Pinoy pulutan classic. Instead of the traditional chopped fatty and chewy pig’s face and ears, Binalot Bangus Sisig is made from marinated whole bangus, deep fried to a golden crisp in hot oil. Chopped finely, the bangus is sautéed in a mix of onion, ginger and green chili to bring out the sisig flavor. Best enjoyed in a sizzling plate, Binalot Bangus Sisig is served with rice topped with sunny side-up egg complete with sliced calamansi to add that citrus touch.

For take-out, these Binalot Lenten offerings can also be packed in the trademark banana leaves.

Avid Pinoy foodies can watch out for more seafood protein, more fishy goodness in their diet when they visit any of Binalot’s network of 40 stores nationwide.

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