Binalot Fiesta Foods wins HeroBrand award

By Lyka Ilagan

Binalot Fiesta Foods Inc. received an award under the Established Hero category of the HeroBrand Awards for its contributions to the good of society. HeroBrand Awards celebrate companies and brands that are making the world a better place. 

“Heroes inspire us, they shape our culture and create history,” according to HeroBrand Awards. “Heroes elevate us emotionally. They strengthen us physically. Heroes change the way we see the world. They encourage us to transform ourselves for the better. Heroes give us hope.”

The Established Hero category is for larger corporations that demonstrate a commitment to social good in communities and beyond. 

Binalot commits itself to give back to communities that support the company and provide assistance to those in need. DAHON, the company’s corporate social responsibility arm, runs projects that address issues on the environment, livelihood, education, poverty alleviation, and calamity relief, all aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Leaf of Faith is one such program that sources banana leaves from marginalized farming communities. These banana leaves are used to pack meals that are sold in Binalot stores.  

For over a decade, it has provided small-time banana farmers with an added opportunity to profit from the banana trees growing in their backyards while ensuring that Binalot has a steady and reliable source for all its stores across Metro Manila. 

Binalot, after all, is famous for its classic Filipino meals wrapped in a banana leaf—stamping the traditional Filipino brand in a modern fast-food setting.

The Eggciting Harvest program is another DAHON livelihood project that introduced salted egg production to a community located in the foothills of Nagcarlan, Laguna. It aims to improve further the economic condition of the farmers and their spouses.  

It has enabled the matriarchs to supply Binalot with high-quality salted eggs to its stores. This allows them to earn additional income while in the comforts of their community.

The BAYANI program covers relief operations during disasters such as typhoons.  With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, its recent efforts focused on soliciting pledges from companies and individuals to provide hot meals to both medical and non-medical frontliners in different hospitals in the country. 

Hot meals are prepared and delivered to the donor’s chosen institution. Binalot’s disaster response aims to contribute to the recovery and resilience of the affected Filipino communities.

DAHON has received several citations including the once-in-a-lifetime Centennial Prize in the worldwide 2007 UPS Out-of-the-Box Small Business Contest and the Intel-AIM Corporate Social Responsibility Award at the Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility in 2010.

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Binalot in deal to open Dubai outlet

Binalot in deal to open Dubai outlet

MANILA: A single-country franchise has been awarded by Filipino fastfood chain Binalot to the UAE’s foremost retail group Al Ahli Holdings Group for expansion to Dubai, according to a media report.

The Filipino brand’s future in the Gulf countries was also thoroughly discussed by the two companies, Binalot was quoted as saying by Manila Standard Today.

“We know the Filipinos in Dubai are excited about this development,” Rommel Juan, founder and chief executive of the 18-year-old Filipino fastfood chain, known for its signature rice meals wrapped in banana leaves, reportedly said.

Juan recently visited Dubai to find out for himself what the migrant Filipino workers and UAE residents eat and enjoy, the report said.

“With Filipinos forming more than 20 percent of the Dubai population, we know Binalot has a place in its food community,” he was quoted as saying, adding, Al Ahli is the partner Binalot had been looking for.

The Al Ahli Group is a conglomerate that is bringing a number of Filipino franchises to the UAE, starting in Dubai and then expanding to the rest of the emirates.

“We will stay as close as possible to the Binalot brand’s proprietary look and product mix,” Parvez Naqvi, head of Al Ahli’s international business development team, who is in town for the franchise agreement signing ceremonies, reportedly said.

“We know we can grow the business not just among Filipinos but among the locals as well,” Manila Standard Today quoted Naqvi as saying.