Binalot creates own ‘jolli-jeep’ food van

July 27, 2012
Source: Ph.Yahoo

By Alexander Villafania

MAKATI CITY, METRO MANILA—Local fast food company Binalot Fiest Foods Inc. is expanding its operations outside fixed establishments to one that is highly mobile.

Based on the food vans used in the United States, the Binalot Food Van is also akin to the “jolli-jeep” concept popularized by local food vendors in Makati City.

Binalot’s food van is actually a pickup truck with its back converted into a mini-kitchen. The sides and rear of the pickup open to reveal the kitchen as well as the counter where patrons can get their orders and eat. The van also carries some chairs and tables for dining patrons.

The vehicle is a Mitsubishi pickup with the conversion done by local builder Centro Manufacturing Corp.

According to Binalot president Rommel Juan, the food van will have the same offerings as those in traditional establishments. The food will also remain wrapped in fresh banana leaves, among the aspects that made Binalot popular.

Staple foods on the menu will include the popular adobo, bistek, tapa, tocino, sisig, and longganisa. The food van essentially aims to expand the company’s operation and address specific markets where banana-wrapped food can have high demand.

Juan noted that there will be pre-approved sites for franchising of the mobile food businss. He also expects uptake in areas with fewer food establishments.

Along with the food van, Juan said that they will also pursue offering a supervised franchising scheme wherein a possible franchisee can allow Binalot to manage their business for them.

This particular service is targeted at overseas Filipino workers who want to have their own business in the Philippines but have no one to help them manage the operations.

“This service will enable potential franchisees to have the sense of security that their business is being managed well,” Juan said.

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