Franchise Packages

Store Type Franchise Fee Contract Term Estimated Total Investment
(Inclusive of Franchise Fee)
Full Store / Restaurant
95 – 150 sqm
Mega Manila 600,000.00
Provincial & Inter Island 700,000.00
6 years 3.5 Million – 3.9 Million
Initial / Franchise Fee
Kitchen Equipment, Utensils, Cookware, POS
Renovation / Construction
Signage / Menu board / Murals
In line “Stall”
25 – 95 sqm
Mega Manila 600,000.00
Provincial & Inter Island 700,000.00
6 years 2.8 Million – 3.5 Million
Initial / Franchise Fee
Kitchen Equipment, Utensils, Cookware, POS
Renovation / Construction
Signage / Menu board / Mural
In line “Kiosk”
15 – 25 sqm
Mega Manila 600,000.00
Provincial & Inter Island 700,000.00
6 years 2.5 Million – 2.8 Million
Initial / Franchise Fee
Kitchen Equipment, Utensils, Cookware, POS
Renovation / Construction
Signage / Menu board
Binalot Express package
6 – 10 sqm
Mega Manila 600,000.00
Provincial & Inter Island 700,000.00
6 years 1 Million – 1.2 Million
Initial / Franchise Fee
Marketing collateral
Training and recruitment

Franchise Fee Inclusions

For Marketing (Php 30,000.00) – Opening Assistance
  • Banners & streamers
  • Leaflets
  • Giveaways
  • Opening promos
  • Food & Beverage
  • Commissary
    • Initial Inventory – worth P50, 000.00
  • Operations – Opening Team
    • Supervisor – duty for 2 weeks
    • Two (2) Service Crew – duty for 2 weeks
  • Training
    • Initial Staff (maximum of 5) training fee to be shouldered by BFFI (including training)

The Franchise Package (Turn Key) Details
  1. Use of the Name

    Binalot is giving the Franchisee the privilege to use the Binalot business trade name, along with the accompanying logos and signage for business purposes. This privilege is limited to the duration of the franchise contract.

  2. Business Operations Systems

    Binalot has developed a business operations system that facilitates its branches to operate smoothly and profitably. This system was developed specifically for the use of our branches and will be handed down to the franchisee. This will include the proper accomplishment of inventories and daily sales report, product preparation, trainings and seminars on customer service, and trouble shooting. Initial training of the Franchisee and the initial staff (maximum of 5) of the soon to open branch shall be provided by Binalot, free of charge. Any additional training of the franchisee’s staff will be charged to the franchisee’s account.

  3. Mobilization Set-up, Construction & Signage

    Since Binalot has its standard design it has its accredited contractor who would set up the store. Binalot’s contractor will turn over the store set up and ready to operate.

  4. Marketing Support

    Marketing paraphernalia, such as banners, posters, streamers and flyers are to be provided by the franchisor especially on the opening day during promo launches and marketing activities. These are designed to help promote the business as well as to boost customer awareness. For Systemwide marketing, expenses incurred will be charged to the MSF of the company. For Local Store Marketing, the expenses shall be for the franchisee’s account.

  5. Operational & Technical Support

    Binalot has a team of competent and dependable people who conducts regular field visitations to give on-site assistance. This is in commitment not only to our customers but to our franchise partners as well of providing them with the highest quality of products and services. This management tool serves as a binder to our customers to always ensure and maintain quality control, making us determine the specific needs of the different branch, and address problems that may arise in line with the daily operations. It is also our policy to maintain our Research and Development efforts to continuously provide & develop innovative PINOY meals and new delivery service standards for branches as well as Binalot as a business.

  6. Monthly Service Fee

    Of the earnings to be made monthly, the Franchisee shall remit a monthly Royalty fee equivalent to five percent (5%) from the Gross Sales and the Marketing Support Fund of two percent (2%). The said fee is due no later than 10 days after the end of each month. Failure to remit these royalty payments in a timely manner will result in a 1.5% interest charge for each month delayed to the franchisee’s account.

  7. Suppliers

    The franchisee is required to purchase all supplies, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties to have an open market, utilized at the branch from the BINALOT commissary. This shall include the raw materials used in product preparation, as well as the packaging materials. This will be billed to the franchisee’s account, after the 8th day cut off date, by the commissary department. The franchisee shall then issue an updated check to the franchisor 2 days after receiving the billing summary.

  8. Contract Duration

    The Franchise Agreement between Binalot Fiesta Foods, Inc. and its franchisees will be valid for a period of six (6) years from the date of contract signing. The franchisee may have the option to renew the contract upon mutual agreement with the franchisor at 50% of the current initial fee of Franchisor, with the terms and conditions of the first contract. The franchisor reserves the right to terminate a franchisee’s contract before completion should the franchisee be found to be in violation of any of the contract’s stipulations.

  9. Other Franchise Expenditures

Franchise Procedures

First Step – Franchise Applicant
  • Has distinguished a site and started negotiating in putting up a Binalot branch
  • Drafts a letter signifying intentions of becoming a Binalot franchisee together with a vicinity map of proposed site, updated resumè and the Vicinity Map of the site you are looking to have a branch of Binalot
  • Fax or Mail the documents to:
    The Business Development Department
    #3686 BUJ Building Sun Valley Drive, Sun Valley Subdivision, Parañaque City
    Telefax : (632) 822-6483 . Tel (632) 824-7014
    Email :
    Mobile Number :0932-8441807
Next – Binalot

Meets with Franchise Applicant for Preliminary Interview. If favorable, gives the applicant the ff:
  • Franchise Qualification form and Secure reservation fee of P20,000 for Metro manila and P40,000 for provincial. Reservation fee is transferable to other location for the period of 2 months, deductible to the franchise fee but it is no longer refundable
  • Market Study
  • Franchise Suitability Test
3rd Step – Applicant
  • Send vicinity map of site
  • Conduct market study
  • Submit market study
Final Step – Binalot
  • Review Qualification form
  • Conducts own Market Study (validation)
  • Schedules another meeting for MOA signing and payment of downpayment (50%). Franchise Agreement will then be issued to the applicant for review (1 week)
  • Meets up with Franchise Applicant for FA signing, payment of the remaining balance of the Franchise Fee (50%) and discuss the rest of the procedures.

Franchisee Testimonials

“Other than being a good investment opportunity, I decided to renew my franchise because of the food relationship between the franchisor and us. They have good support and we are working hand in hand for the benefit of franchisor, franchisee and the customers, including giving food and service to them.”
- Alvin Chua;  Franchisee Binalot Puregold QI
“I believe in the product line of Binalot, they take care of their outlets and they also take good care of their franchisees.”
- Atty. Franklin Ebdalin (former Usec DFA); Franchisee Binalot Starmall

Franchise Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For franchise inquiries, please contact:
Mary Panganiban
Business Development Manager
(02) 822-6483, (02) 823-7702
(+63) 922-8259560
or click here for franchise inquiry form